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Easy Installation
Ultra Compact Design
Internal Piezo
Internal Relay
FOTA Enabled for Remote Upgrades

TT9500 Global Quad-Band Unit wih Internal Antennas, Relay & Piezo

A Compact, all in one design makes the TT9500 the perfect solution for volume tracking applications anywhere in the world.  The device is ruggedized, offers simplified installation and employs Skypatrol’s new EDDIE+ Custom Protocol allowing up to 250 device based geofences at a time.

 Download Spec Sheet for the TT9500


  • Internal Relay
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Quad Band Modem: Works anywhere there is
  • Durable, high quality, splash proof housing
  • Ultra Sensitive (-162dBI) with powerful embedded
  • Circular Geofence (Up to 250 fences), Polygonal Geofences (Up to 25 point with 9 Vertices) and Route Geo-fencing (Up to 25 points
  • Messaging control thru sequential identification as part of each event
  • 7 different type of Counters
Dimensions 80mm X 50 mm X 26mm
Weight 89 g
Operation Voltage 9 V to 16 V DC
Operation Temperature -300 C to +800C for working (without battery)
Connectors 6 pin Molex type connector
Digital Inputs (2) One digital input dedicated for ignition detection. One digital input is a negative trigger for general purpose
Output 1 Digital output. Drive current 150mA
Internal Relay Drive current 20A, latched during reset
USB Interface MINI-USB connector for configuration through TTL UART interface